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Veteran Resources

While there are hundreds of resources available to Veterans, we've collected some of the most relevant ones to get you started on your search.

VA Disability Compensation

VA disability compensation (pay) offers a monthly, tax-free payment to Veterans who got sick or injured while serving in the military and to Veterans whose service made an existing condition worse. You may qualify for VA disability benefits for physical conditions (like a chronic illness or injury) and mental health conditions (like PTSD) that developed before, during, or after service. Find out how to apply for and manage the Veterans disability benefits you've earned.

VA Disability Eligibility

2023 VA Disability Rates

Veteran Resilience Project

The Veterans Resilience Project is a transformative initiative designed to empower and uplift veterans. Committed to enhancing their emotional well-being and fostering a sense of community, this project offers tailored programs and counseling aimed at building resilience and promoting a brighter future. The Veterans Resilience Project stands as a beacon of support, dedicated to equipping veterans with the skills and resources they need to overcome life's obstacles with strength and determination. 

Veterans Resilience Project

VA Resources and Support

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is a vital source of support for veterans, offering an extensive array of resources. From comprehensive healthcare services to educational opportunities like the GI Bill, the VA's commitment extends to vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance, equipping veterans with the skills to succeed in new professional endeavors. Housing programs, financial aid, and mental health services are also readily accessible, reinforcing the VA's dedication to promoting holistic well-being.

VA Resources and Support